I acknowledge that I have much to unlearn, and in that, I want to learn much.

I am a multidisciplinary concept artist who allows visual outcomes to be determined through a diverse process of artist-led experimentation and engagement. 

As an artist and researcher my practice centres around belonging and ecology through paralleled relationships between systems and place. Currently, my personal life and work are intersecting on ideas of ‘nationalism’ in regard to the ecology of place and ecological belonging, this includes challenging the constructed narratives around society within landscapes.

I usually begin most of my work with a process of drawing and photography, then if the work is of a community engagement nature I like to incorporate elements of these practices with a co-creation process to creatively to explore ideas and outcomes around object making and concepts.

In my collaborative practice (Water Paths) there is an element of spatial politics and reimagining the commons on urban/rural boarders. Within this collective I have engaged with communities mostly in the Limerick region on ecology, community movements, and the spatial politics on the ground in their localities. Outcomes from this collaborative practice are most exciting when they challenge authorship and give voice through experimentation and co-creation to the complexities of people’s relationships within these social structures. These engagements dynamically develop ideas around and communications about the ecology of community towards a reimagined definition of complex engaged citizenship.  

I have these interests because personally I am having to find and redefine my own definition of belonging and understanding of nationalism. I was born in Michigan (USA), to a third generation Lithuanian migrant, onto Potawatomi (Bodawotomi) land, but myself having left America during an economic crisis, I am now a mother to an Irish-American in the Republic of Ireland, navigating my not only my maternal family’s historical displacement, but also intergenerational migration from Europe back to Europe, in addition to the colonial past from which many generations of American’s emerged from and are attempting to decolonise, now leaving many of us trying to navigate our new belonging in places we no longer or never had direct relationships with and the reverse lineages that are now broken and non-navigable. Now as a non-native Irish resident I am establishing a relationship with Irish nationalism and with the experience of different encounters and outcomes in rural and urban settings.  

My practice has been kindly supported by the Creative Europe: i-Portunus, the Made in Limerick grant, Limerick Arts Office, Creative Ireland, Centre for Creative Practices, and through residencies in Ireland and abroad, she is also a member of the Visual Artists Ireland and received a First Class Honours degree MA in Social Practice and Creative Environment from Limerick School of Art and Design.

You can also find her working for Helium Arts – Limerick Health Hub until June 2022.