I am a multidisciplinary artist interested in exploring ecological and naturalised belonging. Looking at invasive and naturalised plants as a way to challenge constructed narratives around globalised society within landscapes and nationalism. I currently look to reimagine commons on urban/rural borders through the lens of multi-species ecology and interactions with the non-human. Central to my practice is exploring overlapping perspectives and broader ecological shifts created by the non-human. How does a refocus bring other perspectives into view and what becomes possible? What can alter just by setting aside humanness? I received the Arts Council Agility Award to explore a practice drawn from kinships with invasive species through hyper-connected thinking similar to that of Anna Tsing, Timothy Morton, and Deleuze and Guarttari’s ‘Rhizome’ theory.

My practice has been kindly supported by the Arts Council – Agility Award: Round 3, 2021, Creative Europe: i-Portunus, the Made in Limerick grant-Limerick Arts Office, Creative Ireland, Centre for Creative Practices: New Voices 2014, Creative Schools 2022-23, TAP Residencies and BLAST Schools’ Projects.

I am also a member of the Visual Artists Ireland and have received a First Class Honours degree MA in Social Practice and Creative Environment from Limerick School of Art and Design.

You can also find me working for Helium Arts – @ the Limerick Health Hub

Instagram: @inisciuin , @waterpathsproject